5 Summer Indramat Drive Fault Codes

Summer’s here in all of its sultry glory. Each year you have a new hit song for summer, the summer cocktail, and even summer fashion trends that will only last for a couple of months. But that’s not all summer has to offer. Summer also brings a slew of Indramat drive fault codes. While songs, drinks, and outfits tend to get more attention than Indramat error codes, most factory owners care more deeply about these fault codes than pop songs, mojitos, and rompers for men.

With summer comes hot weather, and with hot weather comes heat-related errors for factory machinery. Here are 5 of the hottest Indramat Ecodrive fault codes for the summer.

E250 Drive Overtemperature Warning

The drive’s heat sink temperature exceeds the maximum permissible value. The drive continues operation for 30 seconds, and then begins deceleration.

This can occur because of a failure of the inbuilt fan or cabinet air conditioning, or because of an incorrect switchgear cabinet dimensioning that causes problems with heat dissipation.

E251 Motor Overtemperature Warning

This fault code generates once the motor temperature exceeds the maximum permissible value. The drive continues operation for 30 seconds, and then begins deceleration.

Check the motor rating, and check the condition of the motor. Things such as excess dirt, blockages, or friction may have caused the problem.

F218 Heatsink Overtemperature Shutdown

If you see this fault code, the heat sink temperature on the drive was so high that your system has turned off to prevent damage.

This may be cause by excessive ambient temperatures, a dirty heat sink, poor circulation, or a defective fan.

F219 Motor Overtemperature Shutdown

Your motor exceeded 150 degrees Celsius, so your system shuts down.

This error message may generate because your motor can’t handle the torque load, a disruption in the motor temperature monitor occurs, or because of instability in the speed control loop.

F220 Bleeder Overtemperature Shutdown

If the maximum breaking energy is exceeded, the drive shuts down to prevent thermal destruction of the bleeder.

Verify the drive rating, check acceleration and velocity values, and check the bleeder module.

Tips to beat the heat

Make sure your machinery is working properly going into the hot summer months.

Repair fans and blowers, and make sure the cabinet air conditioning is functioning.

Keep factories cool.

Do not blast your servos with a box fan. Cooling your cabinet with a box fan might seem like a good idea, but this exposes your units to dirt and moisture, both of which can make overheating problems worse.

Need help fixing your Indramat drive fault codes? Don’t sweat over trying to clear your fault codes on your own. Just give us a call and we will walk you through it. When it’s all over you can celebrate with an ice cold mojito.