5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip Indramat Maintenance

Regular maintenance helps ensure that your motion control system runs as long as it possibly can, it saves your business money, and it helps keep your employees safe. Here are five reasons you shouldn’t skip Indramat maintenance.

They just don’t make them like they used to.

Indramat motion control systems are legacy systems. You can’t simply go out and buy brand new Indramat servos if you neglect yours.

Indramat made some of the best industrial motion control products the world has ever seen, and they will run reliably for decades with just a little TLC.

“Maintenance-free” doesn’t always apply.

Indramat servos are incredibly reliable, and they don’t require much in the way of maintenance.

You can’t work on all of your products. You can’t crack open that enclosed housing on your MKE motor, you don’t need to touch those lifetime-lubricated bearings, and you can’t work on your drives. However, you can maintain other parts of your system.

There are lots of Indramat servos that have literally been forgotten. They dutifully put in 2 or 3 decades of reliable service without so much as a warning diagnostic message. Then one day they collapse from exhaustion and neglect, and you’re faced with an expensive repair.

In some situations routine maintenance  Рsuch as inspecting cables, checking blowers, and cleaning Рcould have prevented this.

Maintenance costs less than a repair.

Mechanical failures and malfunctions can often be prevented with a little maintenance. Taking the time to perform scheduled Indramat maintenance allows you to prevent errors, and take care of any issues before they become serious problems.

Maintenance keeps your workers safe.

Industrial machinery is safe as long as it’s being used correctly and it is working properly. You can help prevent worker injuries with adequate training, by going over safety protocols, and by ensuring that your factory machinery is working the way that it’s supposed to.

Maintenance saves money.

Indramat maintenance is a simple and effective way to save money and prevent unscheduled downtime. You can try to do your own maintenance in-house, or you can leave it to Indramat specialists like us.

We offer preventive inspection and Indramat maintenance in addition to Indramat error troubleshooting and Indramat repair. Contact us today for any of your Indramat support needs.