5 Reasons You Don’t Know What’s Wrong With Your Indramat Motor

Most people who are trying to clear Indramat error codes are seeing them for the first time. This is due to the legendary quality and reliability of Indramat products. The construction of Indramat motors means that you don’t see a lot of problems with them. Of course, if you almost never see a problem, you won’t necessarily know what’s causing it when you finally do see one. You certainly won’t know how to fix that problem.

Here are five reasons you don’t know what’s wrong with your Indramat motors. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat motor repair or any Indramat support.

1. Permanent magnets

Indramat motors use permanent rare-earth magnets. These powerful magnets generate as much as three times the magnetic field of an iron magnet. Rare-earth magnets ensure that servos keeping moving. Permenent magnet construction also means a low inertia mass motor.

2. Bushless motors

Indramat motors are brushless DC motors. Brushless motors are lighter and more quiet than older brushed motors, but they generate the same power output.

The biggest advantage to brushless motors is that they produce less friction, which means less wear and tear on the motor. Because of this, Indramat motors are maintenance free.

3. Lifetime lubricated bearings

Another reason that Indramat motors rarely break or need maintenance is because of lifetime lubricated bearings. Of course, lifetime doesn’t refer to your lifetime. Still, these bearings last a long time without any need for maintenance.

4. Enclosed motor

Enclosed motors can be used in harsh environments, including washdown environments such as pharmaceuticals or food and beverage production.

A fully enclosed motor is also less susceptible to moisture, grit, and grime – all known for bringing machines to their knees.

5. Overload protection

The temperature monitoring feature of Indramat motors offers overload protection. Overheating errors allow you to fix a problem in its early stages and prevent a full blown shutdown.

Having a motor so well built that it rarely fails is a good problem to have. Of course, it can make fixing the motor, finding a repair, or getting a replacement difficult. That’s why we’re here. Call 479-422-0390 for Indramat support!