5 Reasons to Get a New Indramat Manual

If you started off with a paper manual or guide for your Indramat system, there’s a good chance that it’s long gone by now. Most Indramat systems were installed at least 20 years ago. Indramat drives, servos, and controls are built to last, but guides and manuals tend to vanish into thin air. Any number of things may have caused the disappearance of your Indramat manual: an intern cleaned out the office, you moved to a new location, changes in personnel over the years, or a stack of important papers falling behind a filing cabinet, never to be seen again. Regardless of how or why you no longer have your project planning manual or troubleshooting guide, it’s important to get a new Indramat manual.

Know your system specifications

What’s the maximum current rating for your system? What are the dimensions of the motor? Does the motor have a brake? How do you set up ventilation and cooling? You may have a steel trap of a memory and remember all of these details just as clearly as the day you helped set up the system, but what about the young whippersnappers on the factory floor?

The details and specifications of your machinery should be easily accessible by all personnel  in case of emergency.

Troubleshoot simple Indramat error codes

Sometimes Indramat faults and errors require expert troubleshooting, replacement parts, or a factory repair. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you can clear Indramat errors quickly and easily in-house. Clearing signal interference, replacing a bad Indramat cable, or simply hitting the S1 reset button can get your system up and running again.

Your Indramat troubleshooting guide can walk you through the steps.

Quickly diagnose Indramat errors

Quick diagnosis can save time and money even if you don’t have the knowledge or skill to clear the fault or error code. Referencing your troubleshooting guide allows you to quickly determine just how severe the error is. If you see that remedial action requires Indramat product repair or replacement, you can immediately call for professional support rather than waste time trying to troubleshoot the issue in house.

Every minute of downtime costs your business money. Ready access to your manual helps minimize downtime.

Prevent panic

Get a new Indramat manual before you need it. Downtime and emergencies tend to promote panic and rash decision making. Equip yourself to thrive rather than flounder in crunch time.

Getting a new Indramat manual is easy

All you have to do is fill out this Indramat manual request form. Provide the hardware/firmware along with your contact information, and we will make sure that you get the manual you need.

As always, call 479-422-0390 for any of your other Indramat service needs. Be sure to save our number in your phone so you’re seconds away from professional Indramat troubleshooting and repair at the first sign of downtime.