3 Things Robots Do Better Than Humans

The imminent end of the human workforce is a recurring news headline. Any advancement in automation, robotics, or artificial intelligence is usually followed with predictions of low-skill workers ultimately being forced into unemployment.

Nobody knows what the future holds, but there’s certainly good reason why people are concerned about automation’s effect on employment. There are several things that automation does significantly better than people.

Here are three things that automation does better than humans.

Lifting, loading, and working harder

Productivity is one of the biggest advantages that automation and industrial robots have to offer. Machines make modern manufacturing possible.

Robots are stronger, more consistent, and faster than human workers. They work without breaks, and robots produce more goods inĀ  a shorter amount of time.

Also, machines don’t make mistakes. This ensures a consistent quality product regardless of who is on the clock.

Driving down costs

Industrial robots help lower production costs. It’s expensive to install factory machines, but once they’re in place they save a substantial amount of money.

More factory robots and fewer workers translates into less money spent on paid leave, vacation days, and overtime. There’s less spent on workman’s comp, no need for raises, and fewer holiday bonuses to hand out.

The pinpoint accuracy of industrial motion control also translates to less wasted materials.

Safety first

Automation is meant to improve our lives, and industrial robots help keep workers safer.

Robots and automated systems prevent injuries in the work place, and keep people out of dangerous work environments.

Machines don’t mind working in low light or extreme heat or cold. They don’t mind being surrounded by chemicals. They’re fine being deployed in an abandoned mine shaft or a nuclear waste site.

Help your industrial robots run right

The above are just a few examples of things that robots are better at than humans. Will machines cause mass unemployment? History tells us that automation won’t obsolete workers, but plenty of experts who work with automation for a living are on-board the human obsolescence train.

Whichever side you’re on, you need to make sure that your machines are up to snuff. Your motion control system relies on precision, and well maintained machinery is the best way to guarantee performance. Call us today for immediate Indramat support!