3 Steps to Resolve Indramat Error Codes

While Indramat motion control systems rarely fail, machines eventually need service or repair. What else would you expect from a servo motor after 20+ years of reliable service? A positive attitude can certainly help with resolving Indramat error codes, but at the end of the day you need someone who knows how to quickly clear those errors.

If you’re like most people who rely on Indramat servos to earn a living, resolving that Indramat error code as quickly as possible is your main concern. Downtime is costly and wasteful, and the longer it takes to get your system up and running again, the more money you lose.

However, you don’t want a cheap, quick fix. You need to resolve the issue quickly, but fixing the problem the right way is just as important. Your legacy machinery could be older than your engineers, and few people are experienced with servicing Indramat motion control systems. So how do you get rid of those pesky fault codes?

Here are a few things that can help with resolving Indramat error codes quickly.

Consult your Indramat manual

Many Indramat fault codes are relatively easy to clear if you know what’s causing the problem. Your manual is a great resource for understanding and resolving error codes. However, since your system could be older than the people running it, there’s a good chance you’ve misplaced your manual over the years. But don’t sweat it. Getting a placement manual is a breeze. You can request an Indramat manual directly from us!

Check the plugs and cables

A faulty cable or loose connection are among the most common causes of Indramat error codes. Fortunately, these are problems with easy and affordable solutions. We recommend keeping spare Indramat cables on hand so that you can restore your system without delay.

Call 479-422-0390 to resolve Indramat error codes

We specialize in Indramat motion control systems, which means we’ve seen  — and cleared — just about any Indramat problem you will ever encounter. We can trouble shoot most issues over the phone, and we have charter flights available when you need on-site assistance. Whether you need help clearing a fault message, you need an Indramat REMAN, or you need a new servo drive ASAP, we can help.

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