3 Reasons To Stick With Your Legacy System

You’re not supposed to own a smartphone that’s 3 years old and a couple of generations behind the latest and greatest model. You’re supposed to want a new one even though that phone still allows you to makes phone calls, check your email, and browse social media. You should feel ashamed when your outdated ringtone blares and you pull your phone, with all its scuffs and dings, out of your pocket for the world to see.

Except, you – the level-headed person that you are – don’t care that your phone is “outdated”. It gets the job done, and until it comes up short you see no reason to replace it.

Similarly, your legacy motion control system is reliable, dependable, and, most importantly, it gets the job done. Sure, you may need to upgrade your legacy system one day, but not for the pursuit of all things shiny and new.

Here are three reasons to stick with your legacy motion control system.

Performance isn’t a problem

If you can still hang with your competitors using your current system there’s no sense in prematurely updating your machinery. Don’t get caught up in trying to stay ahead of technology. Moore’s Law shows us that’s a fool’s errand. Hold out for a proper upgrade rather than make the transition to a system that is marginally better.

The costs of an upgrade don’t justify replacement

There’s more than just the cost of machinery and equipment that goes into updating a motion control system. You also have to consider environmental costs and the cost of downtime as well.

Indramat motion control systems feature some of the most rugged servos ever built. A little TLC goes a long way with Indramat servos, and you can extend the life of your motion control system with minimal cost.

Support and service are readily available

Getting service or support is one of the biggest issues people have with legacy products. This is a great reason to make the leap and upgrade your motion control system. However, this isn’t an issue with Indramat legacy systems. We offer a full range of Indramat services including repair, part replacement, factory remanufacturing, and troubleshooting support.


A time will come when a legacy system needs updating. If your system holds you back, if you can’t keep up with your competitors, or if repairs stop being cost-effective, it’s time to upgrade. Until then, we’re here to make sure that your legacy system runs smoothly and efficiently. Call or contact us today for immediate Indramat service and repair!