3 Reasons Not to Fear Robots

People fear robots for different reasons. Some people worry that robots will take their jobs. Others worry about robots ruling the world. Then, of course, there are the robots in the uncanny valley, which really creep some people out. But despite all of these fears robots and automation do a lot of good for society, and especially industry. Here are three reasons why you should not fear robots.

Robots keep us safe

One of the biggest advantages of robots and automation is that they keep humans safe. Industrial robots remove workers from harmful, dangerous work environments.¬†Unlike us fragile and vulnerable humans, robots don’t mind extreme heat or pressure, they aren’t affected by noxious fumes and toxic chemicals, and they are more than capable when it comes to basic, manual labor. Machines excel at moving heavy parts and boxes all day long, and doing the exact same movements for hours on end. Robots help prevent repetitive motion injuries.

Robots improve efficiency

All manufacturers know the importance of running a tight ship, and automation cuts out inefficiencies. Thanks to factory robots we have fewer wasted materials and less wasted time. Robots and automation are essential to lean manufacturing, and they make production more reliable and more consistent. Increased efficiency also means that you produce more goods in less time. This means that production costs go down, manufacturers see more profits, and consumers see more savings.

Robots make our lives easier

You don’t have to own a sophisticated industrial robot to recognize how automation improves our lives. Even something as simple as an alarm clock shows us the impact of automation. An alarm clock automatically wakes you at the exact same time every morning. Once your alarm is set, you can forget about it, and you don’t have to worry about sleeping in or getting to work late. From waking up on time, to automatic bill pay, to answering machines, to automatic doors, to autonomous vehicles, to industrial motion control, automation makes our lives easier and more convenient.

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Some might say that while automation does have it’s advantages, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t fear robots. Sure, machines, AI, and robots can do a lot of good, but it’s the incredible capabilities of automation that also make it so scary.

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