3 Common Indramat Repair Mistakes

Your Indramat servos stopped working. The best way to fix the problem quickly, economically, and properly is by calling 479-422-0390. Don’t make these common Indramat repair mistakes.

Do it Yourself repairs

Maybe you consider yourself pretty handy. You fixed your refrigerator’s ice maker, and you know how to install a single-pole light switch. Doing your own repairs can be a fun hobby, and in some situations it can save some money. Indramat industrial motion control systems don’t fall in the realm of “crack it open and poke around”, however.

Indramat motion control systems are sophisticated machines, and the risks outweigh the rewards for a DIY repair. If you’re not an Indramat specialist, a DIY repair invites preventable downtime, extra expenses, and further damage to your machinery. You also put worker safety at risk with inadequate repairs. Even with an Indramat troubleshooting guide and a can-do attitude, a professional repair is the best option.

Bargain bin repairs

Getting drawn in by a low price is another common mistake people make with Indramat repair. You don’t always have to pay an exorbitant amount for a quality repair, but a suspiciously cheap repair should set alarm bells ringing.

You get what you pay for. A low price typically reflects a low quality repair, and paying less now means you pay much more later.

A cheaper repair is rarely the most cost-effective option. Usually, you end up spending more money through additional downtime, additional repairs, and part replacement.

Repairs (or non-repairs) of convenience

Can some duct tape and 10 minutes with a soldering iron keep your system running? Maybe. Will propping a box fan in front of your servos keep them cool? Kind of. Can you keep running your machinery and ignore the warning diagnostic messages? It’s possible.

The trouble with quick fixes or ignoring the warning lights is that you’re only delaying the issue, and you’re probably making things worse.

Getting an Indramat repair done the right way is only slightly less convenient than ignoring the problem and delaying a nightmare in costs, downtime, and extra repairs. All you have to do is call 479-422-0390, and we’ll take care of the rest.