3 Benefits of Indramat Reman

As Indramat experts, we can provide factory repair and factory reman for your Indramat components. Third-party repair shops don’t have access to original parts and specs, and they are always a gamble. But how can you decide whether to go with factory repair or factory reman? To help you decide, here ar three benefits of factory reman:

Indramat reman can significantly reduce the cost of repairs

The better the condition of your machinery, the less expensive repairs will be. Keeping your Indramat components in top condition by choosing reman before they break can ensure that needed repairs are less expansive and time consuming in the future.

What’s more, you can plan for the downtime involved. This helps you avoid the high cost of unscheduled downtime.

Speaking of downtime, we also have the nation’s largest stock of emergency Indramat replacement units. We can have your remanufactured component to you in 24 hours, allowing fast turnaround and very limited downtime.

Indramat reman can help to increase the life of your machine

Factory reman replaces all wearing parts, cleans the entire component, reseals and relaters motors, and generally makes sure that your component comes back to you as good as new.

In fact, since reman includes the most current version of the original parts, your component may come back to you with technological updates that make it better than new.

You’ll also get a new warranty. Worries about the future of your motion control system can be put off to another time.

Indramat reman can improve the performance of your machine

Indramat components are famous for their reliability. We still get calls from clients who commissioned their Indramat systems 20 or 30 years ago. They’ve never acted up, and the caller often is mystified by the word “Indramat.” Before they saw it on their drive or control, they had never heard of it.

That’s how tough Indramat components are. But let’s face it, the parts that have been remanufactured are going to be a little bit zippier and smoother than the ones that have been hard at work for decades.

If you’re a manufacturer, then you know that the cost of repairs can be a significant expense. Indramat reman can help reduce those costs by providing high-quality, reliable repairs at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. With our experience and expertise, we can get your equipment back up and running quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to business.