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The Indramat DKC01.3 is the Swiss Army Knife of DKC drives. It can do +/-10V command, it can do motion blocks (up to 64 of them) it can do Stepper Input.

DKC drives are part of the ECODRIVE system, typically used for packaging, handling, and assembly applications. The was designed as an economical drive and control system for a variety of industrial motion control needs. It’s designed to work with an MKD servo motor.

The DKC01.3 uses a Parallel, or descrete input, interface. With this interface, the unit has I/O available to look for incoming voltage (contact closures) or to send voltage out for inputs to a PLC. Distinguishable by the X15 connector on the BGR card, this drive is the most general purpose of all of the DKC drive.

If you’re currently using one of these workhorses, you don’t have time for the pain of downtime. Fortunately, we have emergency replacement units on hand. The modular nature of the DKC allows you to pull out a faulty component and replace it swiftly with a refurbished unit for minimal downtime.

We can arrange for factory repair or reman while you use the emergency unit. Replacing and reconfiguring your refurbished unit is simple, again because of the modular nature of Indramat motion control systems. We are specialists in Indramat electric motion control, and we can provide phone support, field support, and parts sent to you or brought to you immediately by charter plane.

Call 479-422-0390 for immediate assistance.

Available DKC Type Codes

  • DKC01.3-004-3-MGP-01VRS
  • DKC01.3-008-3-MGP-01VRS
  • DKC01.3-012-3-MGP-01VRS
  • DKC01.3-016-7-FW
  • DKC01.3-018-3-MGP-01VRS
  • DKC01.3-040-7-FW
  • DKC01.3-100-7-FW
  • DKC01.3-200-7-FW