Indramat Error Message F208

Indramat Error F208

You may need to replace components within your motion control system from time to time. That’s one of the advantages of Indramat systems; when you need to upgrade a component or replace a defective unit, Indramat’s modular design makes it a fairly simple process. However, you may encounter a problem when swapping out a part…. Read more »

Brushless Servo Motors

Indramat Brushless Servo Motors

Today, brushless servo motors are the industry standard. This wasn’t always the case, however. Indramat helped introduce the brushless servo to the manufacturing industry. This was just one of the many game changing contributions Indramat made to modern manufacturing. From brushed to brushless The brushed DC motor was invented in 1856 by Ernst Werner von… Read more »

Indramat 2AD Motors

Simply put, Indramat 2AD motors are old. They’re so old, that they aren’t even made any more. This is true for all Indramat motion control drives, controls, and motors — they are all legacy products. However, many systems still use Indramat 2AD servo motors. So what should you do when your system runs one of… Read more »

My Life’s Better Since Getting a Robot…Except

We know that automation benefits manufacturing. It saves money, improves efficiency, increases production, saves energy, and it helps minimize waste. Anyone who uses industrial robots recognizes that they lean heavily on machines. But more and more robots are breaking free of the factory floor. We’re seeing an increasing number autonomous products designed for home use…. Read more »

Indramat Drive Maintenance?

While you should run regular maintenance on your Indramat servo motors, Indramat drive maintenance isn’t really a thing. Indramat drives rarely fail, and they do not require maintenance. If your drive fails, it typically requires replacement. We are expert professionals that specialize in Indramat service, repair, and troubleshooting. We can provide refurbished Indramat products, emergency… Read more »

Things That Scare Manufacturers

Even the bravest among us start to get a little jumpy around late October. Halloween is a time to let yourself be scared. With all of the scary movies playing on repeat and spooky decorations bursting forth from lawns and clinging to houses, there’s plenty to inspire fear and conjure creepy thoughts. Suddenly that dog… Read more »

Powering Up Your Indramat Drives

Most Indramat products don’t take time off. We typically see Indramat motion control systems that have been running virtually non-stop for decades — since the days when Indramat still existed as a company. However, if you find yourself powering up Indramat drives that haven’t been used in a while, you must be cautious. If there… Read more »

Indramat Service on Location

We provide Indramat service regardless of your physical location

We speak with a lot of frustrated people in the course of our work, as you can imagine. As Indramat professionals that specialize in emergency repair, troubleshooting, and Indramat service, most of our customers aren’t in good spirits when they call for our services. One of the top sources of frustration starts with the effort… Read more »

What’s a Servo Motor?

What is a servo motor? It can be difficult to define even if you’ve worked with Indramat servo motors for decades. It’s surprisingly difficult to break some things down beyond the words we use to represent them. Have you ever tried to define a word that you use all the time, and find that you… Read more »

Indramat Error E250

Indramat error E250 is a Drive Overtemperature Prewarning. This diagnostic message indicates that your machinery is too hot. More specifically, the drive controller’s heatsink is hotter than it should be. As Indramat specialists we can quickly diagnose and troubleshoot any of your Indramat errors. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate support. Indramat E250 Drive Overtemperature Prewarning A… Read more »