5 Reasons to Choose Factory Repair

Your servos are gassed. They’ve put in a two or three decades of reliable service, but those lifetime lubricated bearings that are supposed to only last 10 years finally need replacing. Buying new Indramat servos isn’t your only option, though. In fact, Indramat factory repair is often the best thing you can do to restore your Indramat motion control system.

Here are five reasons to choose Indramat factory repair.

There’s no such thing as new legacy products

“New” legacy motion control products simply don’t exist. When something hasn’t been made in almost twenty years, it’s not really accurate to call it new.

Complaining about people calling an Indramat servo “brand new” may just seem like picking on semantics, but if someone uses misleading language, you have to question their integrity with other aspects of their business, right?

Factory repair is cost effective

Repairing your current unit almost always costs less than buying a new unit. An Indramat factory repair is a cost effective way to get more life out of your servos.

A remanufacture goes a step further and restores your Indramat servos to like-new condition. Remanufactured units are held to the same standards they were when they first left the factory, and often come back to you with a new warranty.

Repair is the eco-friendly option

Remember learning about the reduce, reuse, and recycle in elementary school? Repair is a great way to reduce the amount of resources your plant uses. Choose repair rather than replace any time it’s a practical option.

Getting a factory repair means you don’t have to junk your old unit, which means that you’re leaving a smaller footprint.

Confidence in the repair

Getting the repairs done the right way gives you peace of mind. You know that your servos are being repaired the right way by professionals. The guy who showed up in an Uber to fix your servos with a soldering iron and a 4-pack of duct tape can’t provide the same confidence.

Indramat factory repair can eliminate downtime

That handyman with the duct tape can’t guarantee you won’t have to deal with downtime next month, but a factory repair can. We have the largest supply of emergency replacement units in America, which means we can keep your system up and running while you get a factory repair or reman for your Indramat unit.

Call 479-422-0390 for Indramat factory repair, or any of your Indramat servicing needs. We offer 24-hour turnaround for factory repair, and can troubleshoot most Indramat fault or error cases directly over the phone.