Replacing an Indramat DDS03.3-W030-DS01-01 drive isn’t all that difficult, but it can be a little tricky. Swapping out the drive itself is a breeze, but finding the correct replacement drive is where people can go wrong. Indramat DDS drives come in several flavors, and replacing your drive with anything other than an exact match can give your system fits.

What’s so difficult about replacing DDS03.3-W030-DS01-01 drives?

There are well over 100 different Indramat DDS drives to choose from. Each of these drives have different current ratings, cooling methods, communication modules, feedback types, and firmware. Getting a drive that’s “pretty close” just won’t do. You need to match the type code exactly to ensure that your system operates the way that it’s supposed to. This prevents downtime and damage to your machinery.

You would think that matching up a few letters and numbers would be easy, but it’s surprising just how often people get it wrong. This is due in part to the availability issues with Indramat motion control products. Indramat components are all legacy components, and the number of people who are familiar with the nuances of Indramat motion control are getting fewer and farther between.

We often see questionable looking Indramat servo drives on eBay that are merely labeled as DDS03.3 drive. There’s a lot of information that’s missing from that type code. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t buy that drive, but you definitely shouldn’t buy a drive that won’t even work with your system in the first place.

Call Indramat specialists to ensure you get the right drive.

We can help make sure that you get an exact match for your Indramat DDS03.3-W030-DS01-01 drive. Another option, which helps bypass compatibility issues altogether, is an Indramat factory repair.

You don’t have to hunt for a replacement Indramat drive when you choose a factory repair. Instead, your original unit is restored to good working condition. All Indramat factory repair units come back to you with a one-year factory warranty.

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