Speed Up Your Motion Control?

Many of our clients are amazed when they realize just how old their Indramat motion control components are. It doesn’t seem possible that components from the 20th century can still be going strong.

If there’s a salesperson around when you make that realization, they’re not going to say, “Good for you, making best use of your resources!” They’re going to act shocked that you have legacy equipment on hand, and they’re going to tell you that you could go a lot faster.

Maybe so. We have a client who spent a lot of money to get the line running faster… and then discovered that the next step, the place where the line ended up, couldn’t go much faster than it was already going.

Shades of I Love Lucy in the chocolate factory!

Before you decide to upgrade, follow your supply chain from beginning to end and determine whether your motion control is slowing things down — or keeping things going at the right pace. Use that information when you decide whether to upgrade, replace equipment, or just refurbish it.

Contact us when you realize that your Indramat motion control is meeting your needs. With spare parts, factory repair, and expert troubleshooting, you can keep your machinery at work for a lot longer than you might think.

Chances are you can find a better investment.