TVD Power Supply

Indramat TVD Power Supply Modules

The Indramat TVD Power Supply module will power multiple drives and servos with a single mains connection. You can plan to run 10 separate drives with one TVD Power Supply module. The TVD supports continuous power of 6 or 12 kw.

Your Indramat AC drive system consists of a power supply module and one or more drives. The TVD and its drives will be housed in a control cabinet. Cables and any flammable materials should be kept about an inch and a half away from the cabinet, since the TVD will get hot.

Of course, if it gets too hot, it may shut down completely. If you face this or another problem with your system, you can’t assume that the TVD module is the culprit. The problem could actually be the cable, the plugs, or even your electricity. Call us and we can help you determine whether the problem is with your TVD unit or elsewhere in the system.

Once you’ve made sure that the TVD unit is the problem, the modular design allows you to pull it out and replace it. We can facilitate factory repair and provide a replacement unit to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Your TVD module will have a code on it. The most common ones are listed below. Try to find your code before you call, to speed up your service.

TVD 1.3-15-03
TVD 1.3-08-03
TVD 1.2-15-03
TVD 1.2-08-03

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