The HDS series of Indramat drives are versatile and reliable. They work with a wide range of Indramat motors, and they are well suited for an impressive variety of motion control applications. You may never need to service your HDS02.2 drive, but if you do, we’re the ones to call.

Repairing vs. replacing Indramat HDS02.2 drives

Indramat’s claim to fame was its unrivaled quality and reliability. The company made some of the world’s best industrial motion control components, and you can still find Indramat systems running strong to this day. While Indramat drives rarely fail, you may one day find yourself needing support for your HDS02.2 drive.

Your two main options are finding a replacement Indramat HDS02.2 drive or restoring your original unit.

Finding replacement Indramat parts can sometimes prove difficult. Indramat drives, servos, controls, etc. are all legacy components. This means availability, as well as quality, of these parts varies greatly. We have the largest supply of Indramat emergency replacement units in the United States. This includes replacement HDS02.2 drives.

A factory repair or remanufacture, however, give you the option to restore your unit to like-new condition. In some cases a reman or factory repaired unit can actually be better than the one that you originally bought. All Indramat factory repairs and Indramat reman orders are performed by trained technicians who specialize in Indramat industrial motion control systems.

Call 479-422-0390 for Indramat drive repair or replacement

Whether you choose to repair your HDS drive or swap it out with a new one, we make the process fast and simple. Downtime costs generally hit harder than the cost of a repair, which means that you don’t have time to waste. We can restore your system quickly and correctly, which means our service saves you money and provides you with the confidence of knowing that your system will run the way that it should.

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