Clearing Indramat CLC Errors

Indramat CLC error codes are a little different from other Indramat error codes. CLC control cards can be difficult to identify, and resolving Indramat CLC errors can be an even bigger challenge. There’s an easy solution, however. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat support. We can make sure that your system keeps running the way that it should.

Identifying Indramat CLC error codes

Indramat motion control systems keep you informed. Your CLC card provides a diagnostic message which indicates operation status. The diagnostic message doesn’t always indicate a problem.

Status message

If you see a diagnostic code number between 001 and 199, everything’s good. This is the range for status messages. Status messages provide information regarding normal operating status without errors.

Warning message

A diagnostic code number between 201 and 399 indicates a warning message. This means that remedial actions must be taken to prevent further problems. Failing to address the issue could result in damage to your machinery or a system shutdown.

Warning messages are just that: a warning. They let you know that there’s a significant problem that could result in a shutdown. Most warning messages allow normal system operation, but these messages sometimes come just before a shutdown message.

Shutdown message

400- 599 is the range code for Indramt CLC error codes resulting in a shutdown. Shutdowns are emergencies. Your drives won’t function properly, and the issue must be resolved before operation resumes.

Clearing Indramat CLC error codes

Sometimes resolving Indramat errors can be done in house with a little guidance from Indramat specialists. We can help clear Indramat error codes via phone support. Sometimes your error may require hands on support, however. Indramat drives, controls, and servos cannot be serviced in the field. Factory repair is the most reliable, affordable, and convenient option when it comes to servicing defective Indramat components.

Whether you need help troubleshooting an error code, or you need to a arrange a factory repair, we can help. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate support for Indramat motion control systems.