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AI Doomsday

AI is a routine part of our lives now, especially if we’re participating in the 4th Industrial Revolution. We wake up to alarms that use information about the world we live in to turn out lights on at dawn, adjust our thermostats to suit our preferences, and play the curated news or music chosen to… Read more »

Indramat Error F408

Indramat is a well-known manufacturer of industrial automation and motion control systems. Among their products, they offer a range of interface cards that facilitate communication between different components of the system. However, like any complex system, errors can occur, and one such error is the F408 fatal error of the interface card. The F408 error… Read more »

Indramat Error Code E831

Indramat error code E831 is also known as “Position limit reached during jog.” Jogging happens when a motor is moved in short bursts to reach a position, rather than smoothly moving the element from one point to another. The drive has a particular position it’s aiming for. When the movement reaches the limit, or is… Read more »

Indramat Maintenance — Don’t DIY

Sometimes you should do things on your own rather than buy something or pay for professional services. You can typically save money doing repairs and maintenance yourself. It can be a fun experience, and you can create lasting memories. The normal advantages of a DIY approach don’t apply to Indramat maintenance, however. Unless you know… Read more »

5 Common Indramat EcoDrive Fault Codes

Problems with Indramat motion control systems don’t happen very often. This is a good thing, but it can make it difficult to know what to do when an Indramat error code does occur. Here are five common Indramat EcoDrive fault codes, and what you need to know to clear them as quickly as possible. F219… Read more »

Indramat MKE Servo Motor’s Achilles Heel

Indramat MKE servo motors are among the burliest servos ever built. The MKE series of brushless servo motors boasts a fully enclosed and flameproof housing along with lifetime lubricated bearings. These impressive features make MKE servo motors well suited for the harshest conditions and environments, all while being virtually maintenance-free. Of course, MKE servos do… Read more »

Is It a Jammed Servo?

Your servo motor just stopped working. You think that it could be jammed, but how do you know for sure? It turns out that determining whether you have a jammed servo is easy with Indramat motion control systems. Here’s how to tell and what to do if your servo is jammed. Check the connections A… Read more »

The Newest Tesla Bots

Tesla’s all-purpose humanoid robot has been disappointing to this point, but new footage shows a flock of the robots walking, picking things up, and reproducing human actions. “Tesla’s revealed a new video of its humanoid robot, Optimus,” said Verge, “and it shows a bunch of them walking together slowly but with less stumbling.” Elektrek, on… Read more »

Now the Emergency Is Over

The COVID-19 pandemic is not over, but the Public Health Emergency is ending. A pandemic has a specific definition, and that is still happening. But the emergency has a different definition, and that is over. This may call for changes in your workplace. Health regulations You will now be legally allowed to make changes in… Read more »

Why Has My Indramat Servo Stopped Working?

If your Indramat servo stopped working, you need to take action as quickly as possible. Downtime costs rack up quickly, and the longer your system is down, the bigger the hit to your wallet. Diagnosing the problem isn’t always easy, however, and clearing the error can take expertise that your technicians don’t have. Call 479-422-0390… Read more »