RFID and Robot Identification

An automaton capable of navigation and identification has been up around the pinnacle of robotics for a while now. The goal for many researchers is to create a robot that can be deployed in a home and perform meaningful tasks. It would be able to fetch a snack, or tidy up a room, or get… Read more »

Federal Robotics Commission

Should the United States have a federal commission dedicated entirely to robotics? There’s no denying that robotics is a rapidly growing field. Many world powers have already noted that robots could be key in the future and have taken measures to promote advancements in robotics. Germany and Japan are two countries known for their contribution… Read more »


Lately, it seems like anything and everything you read in a science fiction book or dreamed up as a child is starting to become a real. Technology is rapidly advancing and resulting in a countless number of amazing inventions and discoveries. We’re now able to print out working organs and select the color of our… Read more »

Can You Mix Old and New Components?

People tend to assume that old components won’t be compatible with new ones. Like the new components are all morally corrupt and listen to rock and roll at full volume, while the old components tell stories about things that don’t exist anymore, eat meals at strange times, and constantly look for their keys. Really, you… Read more »

Should Industry Collaborate More with Education?

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the symbiotic relationship between the water buffalo and the oxpecker.  Basically, bird pecks buffalo, buffalo is freed of parasites, bird gets a free meal, bird and buffalo are happy. It’s a classic and beautiful tale of how working together can provide mutual benefits that has been told to death by countless… Read more »

Indramat TDM

No one ever thinks of versatility as a bad thing. A versatile athlete will be able to cover multiple positions and contribute to the game in different ways. A versatile musician will be able to play many styles of music and adapt to play with other musicians. Versatility is a trait that suggests competence and… Read more »


There are plenty of great engineers out there, but none as good as nature. Swimming, flying, running, jumping — nature has perfected it all. Evolution has provided billions of years of trial and error to produce organisms that are perfectly built to perform specific tasks. That’s why engineers look to nature as a resource in… Read more »

Robo-cubes and Modular Systems

A group of MIT researchers have developed an important bit of technology that could be huge for future robotics and modular systems. Robo-cubes look like something you’d find in the primordial soup on the Transformers home planets or maybe what Magneto was playing with as a toddler. Each of the cubes are modules that can… Read more »

Indramat MSK Motors

Servo motors and superheros have more in common than you might think. Both are admired for performing superhuman tasks, people depend on servo motors and superheros alike to make sure everything operates smoothly, and the names of superheros and the names of servo motors would both make terrible baby names. There probably aren’t too many… Read more »

The Gap Between Theory and Application in Robotics

Occasionally scientists will make a discovery or technological advancement that almost immediately changes the world that we live in. However, that’s rare. It’s much more common for scientists to make advancements and discoveries that provide a foundation to change the world in the future. There are constant headlines in robotics about how some new breakthrough… Read more »