Why Use Indramat When There’s Indradrive?

“Indramat, ” Bosch Rexroth says, “is now Indradrive.” That’s true. Following the purchase of Indramat by Rexroth, followed by the addition of Bosch, Indramat motion control was renamed. New Indradrive motion control is available today and there is nothing wrong with it. So why would you go with Indramat components when you could just buy… Read more »

Indramat CLC-D and Batteries

If you’re not that intimate with your Indramat CLC-D, you might not think about its battery. We know this from experience, since we have conversations like this: “It says ‘Indramat CLC-D’ on it, and it’s not working.” “How’s the battery?” “Battery?!” So, first things first. Yes, your Indramat CLC-D uses a battery. A 3-volt Lithium… Read more »

Shopping Around for a Good Price on Indramat

Is it worth it to shop around for a good price when your Indramat components need replacement or repair? Here’s a simple quiz that will let you answer this question accurately. What do you do with your Indramat components? a. They provide motion control for a factory, printing press, etc. b. Nothing much; I’m just… Read more »

New, Repair, or Emergency Indramat Units?

Our typical caller has a drive, control, or servomotor that’s not working, and it says “Indramat” on it. But there are several different options that may solve this problem. New units Indramat was acquired by Rexroth, which merged with Bosch Rexroth and renamed the Indramat components Indradrive. We keep a stock of new Indradrive on… Read more »

New Survey Shows Growth in Motion Control

The Power Transmission Distributors Association has released their quarterly survey report. As always, they surveyed the largest companies in their membership, and growth was strong in Q1 2014, up again from strong growth Q4 2013. The new composite ranking 63.6, a substantial increase over last quarter’s reading of 60.2. The survey asks members to look… Read more »

Industrial Motion Control via PC?

We specialize in legacy Indramat motion control technology, but we still like to keep up with trends in industrial motion control. One we’ve been watching with interest is the idea of controlling industrial machinery with a personal computer. Companies from Boeing to Hollywood lighting designers are bringing PCs into the industrial control mix. Some commentators… Read more »

New Drives from IndraDrive

While we specialize in legacy Indramat units, we can certainly admire the new things Rexroth Bosch is doing with IndraDrive, the successor to Indramat. Their new IndraDrive CL/ML is impressing the industry with its improved energy efficiency and safety features. This new range of drives speaks to the same industries that Indramat has always been… Read more »

Indramat CLM: A Sad Story

If you hang out in online forums very long, you’re going to have your heart broken at some point. We recently saw a heartbreaking story: an engineer had lost the parameters of an Indramat CLM1.3-LR1-06V45. It’s possible to reprogram. Just find the file which was licensed to your company a few decades ago and any… Read more »

Do Robots Create or Destroy?

Drives & Controls magazine polled readers with a simple question: do robots destroy jobs or create them? Readers could answer “either” or “both” as well. It’s an important question to many Americans. Economists are claiming that automation is  an important factor in the decline of manufacturing jobs. Researchers have identified a fairly long list of… Read more »

Indramat and Indradrive


When Indramat became part of the Bosch Rexroth family, the brand name was changed to IndraDrive. The acquisition added electric drives and controls to the hydraulic and pneumatic option Rexroth already had. Some of the legacy drives have a corresponding drive within the current Indradrive stable. Indramat DKS: IndraDrive HCS02 or HCS03 Indramat DDS: IndraDrive… Read more »