Manufacturing Revival Drives Increased Demand for Automation

It seems like everything is becoming automated. From cars that drive themselves, to computers that check you out at the grocery store, to hotel bellhops that run on electricity, the number of things that are completely automated is growing at a faster rate than ever before. This increased demand for automation doesn’t seem likely to… Read more »

Soft Robots

Soft robots seems like an oxymoron. Robots are supposed to be made of metal. Metal is hard, therefore a robot can’t be soft right? Maybe soft refers to a robot’s demeanor rather than a physical characteristic. You know, like a robot mom who doesn’t ground her robot son when he’s late for curfew would be… Read more »

Would You Let a Shade Tree Mechanic Repair Your Jaguar

Let’s say you decide to take your Jaguar out for a spin. Fall is in the air, and you would like to enjoy the foliage and open up your favorite car on some back roads. Of course, you always make sure to take great care of your Jaguar – you wash it, cover it, and… Read more »

Robotic Common Sense

There’s constant talk about robots taking jobs from people. You’ve got nurses who are concerned about robo-care-givers, factory workers who cast sideways glances at the already automated tasks around them, and cab drivers who stay awake at night cursing self-driving cars. According to MIT labor economist, David Autor, we don’t need to worry — robots… Read more »

Industrial Motors and Energy Use

There aren’t many inventions that totally get it right the first time. Time, technology, and trial and error usually lead to improvements. From the stone wheels that the Flintstones used, to the wooden wheels on Conestogas, to the performance rubber tires we use today, even something as basic and enduring as the wheel has been… Read more »

What’s a Servo Motor?

It’s possible to get so comfortable with something that you can’t even explain it. It happens all the time. Think of the word “so”. What does it mean? Even if you use the word, “so” everyday, and you understand what other people are communicating when they use it, you might not necessarily be able to… Read more »

Rare-Earth Magnets

Magnets are useful for more than slapping your favorite pictures up on the refrigerator or keeping a roller coaster on its tracks. Magnets are incredibly useful for many applications including servo motors. But servo motors can’t use just any old refrigerator magnet. For the most powerful, most efficient motors, you have to use rare-earth magnets…. Read more »

Robotic Exoskeletons

You’re probably familiar with the fictional character, Iron Man. Maybe you recall reading the comic books as a kid, or maybe you’ve seen one of the films from the franchise that has collectively earned $2.4 billion in box offices worldwide. People love far-fetched fantastical stories, which is part of what has made Iron Man so… Read more »

Giant Robotic King Kong

King Kong was born way back in 1933 and has since made his way into two movie remakes, one in 1976 and in 2005, a cartoon series, comics, books, and countless examples of merchandise. Not bad for a behemoth gorilla known for rampaging across New York City. Most recently King Kong has been made into… Read more »

MAC Motors

  Most people would tell you that rapid response is a good thing. When you call for an EMT you want a rapid response. When you call for a pizza you want a rapid response. When you call for tech help you want a rapid response. Maybe most notably, Indramat’s MAC motor seriesĀ  are rapid-response… Read more »