Clearing Indramat CLC Error Codes

Indramat CLC error codes are a little different than other Indramat errors. CLC control cards can be difficult to identify, and resolving Indramat CLC errors can be an even bigger challenge. There’s an easy solution, however. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat support. We can make sure that your system keeps running the way that it… Read more »

Is It Time to Replace Your Indramat MKD Motor?

Indramat MKD motor

MKD motors are some of the most popular servos that Indramat ever made. These motors run reliably for years with practically no maintenance, but you may eventually have problems with your Indramat MKD motor. Faults and errors don’t always require unit replacement, however. Make sure that it’s actually time to replace your motor before buying… Read more »

Can You Use Generic Parts to Repair Indramat Products?

New Indramat MDD Servo Motor

Sometimes you can get by using generic equivalent parts; this isn’t the case for repairing Indramat products, however. The Indramat manual states it clearly — “only use spare parts approved by the manufacturer”. Call 479-422-0390 for immediate Indramat support. Why can’t you use generic parts for Indramat repair? It’s technically possible to replace worn Indramat… Read more »

How to Replace an Indramat Servo Motor

You eventually need to service, repair, or replace your Indramat servo motor. It’s not that Indramat servos fail very often — the opposite is true. We see Indramat motors operating for two or three decades without ever needing repair. All machines require some attention eventually, however. There’s an easy way to replace an Indramat servo… Read more »

Why You Should Take Action Instead of Reacting to Indramat Error Codes

Stop reacting to Indramat error codes — prevent unscheduled downtime.

It’s normal for people to react or respond to a situation rather than take steps to prevent something bad from happening. It can be difficult to think of fixing an issue that isn’t even there. However, taking proactive steps can sometimes avoid problems altogether. Stop reacting to Indramat error codes — be proactive and minimize… Read more »

Tips for Installing New Indramat Products

There are a few things that you should know before you replace your Indramat products. We recommend calling for professional Indramat support any time you need assistance with your system. Whether your system just stopped working and you need troubleshooting support, you’re interested in repair, or you need help installing new Indramat products, an Indramat… Read more »

The Benefits of a Modular Design

modular design in building blocks

There are examples of modular design everywhere you look. It’s in computers, electronics, machinery, and automobiles. You can find it in architecture, military backpacks, and children’s toys. Even Indramat motion control systems incorporate a modular design. You find modular systems in so many different places because of the simplicity and convenience of a modular design…. Read more »

The Best Robotic Hands Won’t Look Like Our Hands

Human hands work well for us humans most of the time, but they aren’t great at things like manufacturing. Robotic hands aren’t physically limited in the same way that humans hands are, however. Human-like robotic hands might be novel, but roboticists must look beyond these limitations to produce the best robotic hands for tasks in… Read more »

What’s a Tachometer?

New Indramat MDD Servo Motor

Your Indramat servo motor may come with a component called a tachometer. For example, the Indramat MAC motor series is equipped with a brushless analog tachometer. So what’s a tachometer and why is it important? What’s a tachometer? A tachometer is also known as a revolution-counter, rev-counter, or RPM gauge. However, they’re more commonly referred… Read more »

Should You Replace Your Indramat Motor?

How long do Indramat motors last? Long enough that Bosch Rexroth — the company that acquired Indramat — still services these motors even though the Indramat name hasn’t been used since the turn of the century. Many of the Indramat servos from the early 1970s are still in use today. However, unscheduled downtime may have… Read more »