Indramat EcoDrive E250 Warning

An Indramat E250 message isn’t technically an error code; it’s a warning diagnostic message. Warnings do not cause your Indramat EcoDrive to automatically shutdown. You still need to clear Indramat warnings as quickly as possible, however. If you experience an Indramat E250 message — or any Indramat warning, fault, or error code — call 479-422-0390… Read more »

Ignoring Indramat Errors Won’t Make Them Go Away

Peekaboo is an incredible game. It involves an infant or small child and a sorcerer. The child gazes in wonder upon the powerful magician who miraculously vanishes and reappears behind a set of hands, a blanket, or a piece of furniture. The child chortles and the illusions continue until one of the participants grows tired… Read more »

Why Humans Won’t Become Obsolete

Automation will continue to improve, people will continue to implement automation in new industries and in new ways as technologies improve, and automation will affect employment: these things are certain. However, there’s far less certainty about how exactly automation will affect employment. There are two popular opinions on the subject of automation and employment: Increased… Read more »

To Err Is Human… And That’s a Good Thing

Humans make mistakes. It’s what we do. Some people are more prone to mistakes than others, and some mistakes have greater consequences, but occasional missteps are a normal part of life. This is one of the big selling points for automation; unlike humans, machines are precise, reliable, and consistent. However, we can’t forget the times… Read more »

Are You Getting the Right Replacement Part for Your Indramat System?

Getting a replacement part for your Indramat motion control system seems like it would be fairly straightforward. You just track down the product number and order a new one, right? That’s the gist of it, but there are a few things that can complicate the process. Replacing your drive, control, or servo motor with anything… Read more »

Clearing Indramat Fault F873

Some Indramat error codes are especially frustrating; they’re hard to clear, they’re difficult to diagnose, or both. However, some Indramat error codes are straightforward. There’s only one thing that can cause the fault, and there’s only on thing that you can do to fix the problem. Clearing Indramat fault F873 is a breeze. All you… Read more »

Indramat Repair Shouldn’t Be an Adventure

Webster’s dictionary defines adventure as, “an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks”. Some people enjoy a good adventure, while others do what they can to avoid it. Regardless of how you feel about adventure, there is a time and a place for it. Indramat repair should be a reliable and efficient process without surprises…. Read more »

Who is Concerned About Automation’s Effect on Employment?

There’s a stereotype about age and technology — the older you get, the less comfortable you are with doodads, gadgets, and thingamajigs. Who do you call if you’re having trouble setting up your WiFi network: the 16-year-old kid down the street or your 65-year-old retired neighbor? When you consider that younger demographics tend to be… Read more »

A Different Type of Machine Learning

In the past, robots and machines could only do the things they were specifically programmed to to. Move from point A to point B. Repeat. Machine learning enables robots to learn from previous experiences. People typically talk about machine learning in the context of artificial intelligence and automated systems — the software side of things…. Read more »